This one time someone was like, "Hey, your sad little drawings are awesome.  You should put them onto the internet."  So this is me doing that.  Also, I am terrible at real life so I have made this blog/comic/thingy in an attempt to get not terrible at it.

I draw with my computer mouse using MS Paint.  Sometimes I use a tablet and pen but I suck with it so bad that I'll bet you can't even tell the difference.  I am sorry that I am not rich enough for Photoshop or fancy enough to not use a plain ol' Blogger template.  I am going to be a kind person and assume you are not snobby enough to care about that, though.  I actually have Photoshop now!  Weeeeooo.  That doesn't mean I'm very good at using it, though.

Also.. if you read this blog/comic/thingy and suddenly feel the need to tell people about the interesting parts that are worth putting their eyeballs on then I promise I will provide you with endless amounts of entertainment forever*.


"About" this "blog's" "cast"

This one is me:
"yay for stuff!"
About me:  I am not good at things.  I like the internet and things that are on it.  I like to have a fun time and not be serious. I like to point things out as they literally are, in a sarcastic manner.  Some people think that is funny so I made a blog to document those times as well as other things that are funny.

This one is boyfriend:
"wait stop that"
About boyfriend:  Boyfriend is good at everything, like guitar.  Boyfriend likes to play computer games 98% of the time.  Boyfriend pretends to not like anything ever.  Boyfriend is always in serious mode except for rare times.. times I feel I must document extensively.

This one is my cat:
About cat:  Cat is very good at staying asleep for a long time.  Cat always makes sounds when she moves or runs or jumps because she needs to make sound effects for everything.  Cat goes upside down with her head when she assumes battle stance.  Cat has a short, broken tail which you are probably or probably not wondering about.  She came that way when I adopted her from the store, and no, I don't know how it happened.


(No! Not FAQ because they were not Asked, and if they weren't asked we can assume they are also not Frequent.  I am answering them before you ask, in order to be efficient.)

"Why pictures?"
Because I like it.

"Why are you so attractive?"
Oh please stop, you're making me blush.