I ordered one and I put it on myself and looked smoking hot because I was not wearing pants.

You too can look smoking hot in these shirts while not wearing pants!

You can also wear them with PANTS!

P.S.  You can pick some other color than the ones shown here.  You can also choose to be a woman and purchase a man-shaped shirt.  (I do that sometimes because I like my clothes not-so-tight.)  I guess it's safe to say that you could do the opposite as well, be a man and purchase a woman-shaped shirt.  It's really up to you and your imagination.

Click on the text links below the pictures to consider purchases.  Click on the actual pictures to just see the picture again and get confused by links not taking you where you expected to go.

"Pay Attention to Me" Shirt

Hopefully you won't actually need to set yourself on fire 
to get attention with the help of this obnoxiously bright T-shirt 
and straightforward message. 

(Keep in mind you won't really be able to read it on a black shirt, 
unless that's what you want cause you're into irony or something.)

"Pay Attention to Me" Shirt (M)

"Pay Attention to Me" Shirt (W)

"The So Best #1" Shirt

You are the so best #1 and I mean every word. 
You deserve this award, winner.

Now you can go around town and show everyone your award 
then pin yourself to the refrigerator when you get home so mom can see.

"The So Best #1" Shirt (M)

"The So Best #1" Shirt (W)


You put your computer mouse on it and everything.  Really works!!

Hibernation warning

Using the Internet


It is one mug that has two pictures.  One of the pictures is on one side and the other picture is on the other side.  The friendly coffee will face by-standing observers of your beverage consumption, while the stressy coffee will give you a brutal reminder that you must keep drinking your beverage.

Of course, if you are left handed, results may vary.  Maybe you will come off as a crazy person to others while feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Mug with TWO sides!

Bumper Stickers!

That's right, they're stickers for your bumper!  Definition of bumper is left open to interpretation.

The square thingy on the second bumper sticker is like a barcode that you can scan with your fancy pants smartphone apps.   Its magic contains the URL to this comic/blog.

Banner logo bumper sticker

Logo sticker with fancy QR code 


I personally own no iStuff since I'm poor so you're going to have to enjoy the following awesomeness without me :(

Cat balloon iPhone 4 cover

Gray skies iPhone 4 cover 

Gray skies iPad cover 

May they make you happy when skies are grayscale.


I'm going to safely assume that there will eventually be more things.



  1. HOLY CRAP THESE ARE AWESOME!!! I am now saving up money to buy things. Like the coffee mug. And the hibernation warning. And one of the t-shirts (prolly "Pay attention to me!") etc.

    I cannot wait!! Please show us LIVE pictures of your products ASAP!

    1. I definitely will when I can afford more than a shirt. Also, I didn't even know you could comment here, hahaha.

  2. There is a picture of the mug on my Facebook

    1. AND NOW it's on the Literally-Sarcastic Facebook page! YOUR CUP IS FAMOUS.

  3. Awesome. I will take it on vacation and take some pics of the cup in front of other interesting things. Only thing is I don't have a vacation in the schedule until sometime in the next decade. Oh well there are some interesting things around here. Next time I'm at Rodeo Drive, which some find interesting.

  4. Make the Gray Skies a mousepad or printable.

    1. Um, I'm scared. How do I buy stuffs on here??

      Also, I live on this blog. :\



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